Energy saving HVAC can save you money 

How can upgrading your old HVAC unit help save you money? Many homes today have old worn out units that require maintenance or replacements. To the untrained eye or ear, an HVAC unit might sound and look good from the outside, but many times the problem lies from the inside the unit or your air ducts. Due to years of wear and tear, many parts internally start to malfunction and the HVAC unit’s lack of performance can gradually increase your energy bill. By updating or replacing your old unit to an energy efficient air conditioning system, you can see boosts of energy savings of up to 50% on the AC usage. This is based on a high efficiency system of 18 or 20 SEER(seasonal efficiency energy ratings).

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient HVAC
Upgrade to an Energy Efficient HVAC
Energy efficient hvac company in LA County

It’s Hot and Getting Hotter

The removal of vegetation which reflects heat and replaced with buildings which absorb heat creates a phenomenon called “urban heat island”. It’s a 5F-10F   increase in the city. If we use heat reflective material in our homes and buildings, cities could save in the billions.


on your electrical bills

In a study done by Los Angeles residence in U.S.- D.O.E. Cool Wall Paints in, 2007, by adding cool paint through your home and your roof, you can see savings of up to 22% in your electrical bills.

35-70% COOLER

just by using cool paint.

Cool paints can cool your home by as much as 34% to 70% depending on theTotal Solar reflectance (TSR) of each color. White cool paints can increase by as much as 80% on average.